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XPS S.A. de C.V. Our mission is simple: we want our employees to feel at home within our company, finding in it a means for personal fulfillment, receiving fair compensation that enables them to lead the life they deserve, giving them the gratifying opportunity to share their knowledge to the benefit of the rest. Our customers should feel this, and should identify us for what we are: a serious company, made up of professionals with a passion for their work.
Our vision is to strive for perfection every day, ensuring that we become the most innovative, effective and trustworthy IT company with the widest coverage for those looking for service of excellence, whether at the national level or in certain parts of Mexico. Our long term aim is to expand to other Latin American countries.

XPS is a Mexican IT consulting company, made up of 150 of its own highly qualified professionals, working in various sectors and ensuring the delivery of effective and timely results.

We offer a wide range of IT services ranging from business process implementation and Field Engineering to Call Center and Helpdesk services, Logistics, Storage, Network Installation and Administration, Project Management, and including the delivery of detailed Result Analyses for the purposes of decision making.


We have experienced exponential growth from 2005 up to the present date. In 2010, we increased our sales by 933% compared to 2005, and 140% compared to 2009, providing more than 28,000 IT service calls nationwide.


To perfect our competencies, maintaining the agility that defines us in our processes, where in spite of the greatest attention to detail, we provide results in an innovative and uncomplicated manner.

This, to our clients, is a guarantee of effectiveness, quality and commitment, in addition to a huge reduction in costs and resources, since we take on exclusive charge of on-site IT services, at the same time taking on components such as Supervision, Call Center and Helpdesk services, Logistics and Storage, services that form an integral part of the solutions we offer.

We constantly train our staff to make the most of innovations in technology and processes, in a continuous search for excellence.


  • Headquarters located in Cancún, Quintana Roo, where the XPS operating “Team” resides, made up of the Operations Manager, Technical Support Manager, Sales Manager, Administrative Assistant, Logistics Manager, Helpdesk Operators and General Manger, in addition to an Engagement Manager in Mexico City.
  • 50 operating bases strategically located throughout Mexico, from which around 150 specialized technicians leave daily for on-site work.
  • 20 depots for storing equipment and devices, strategically located throughout Mexico.
  • Business Center in Boca Raton, Florida.


  • ITIL V.3
  • CCNA
  • DELL
  • EMC

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