• Field Engineering
  • Call Center
  • Helpdesk
  • Logistics
  • Project Management

Field Engineering:

  • Break & Fix service for PCs, Printers, POS, Storage Units and/or Networking Switches, Document Processors. Replacement of internal and external Components or Devices (Hard disk, Motherboard, DVD, Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Cables, Supplies, etc).
  • Basic Service for PCs, Printers, POS, Storage, Document Processors, etc. Diagnostic and Repair of Hardware and/or Software Bugs , Set up.
  • Professional Service for Servers. Diagnostic and Repair of Hardware and/or Software bugs.
  • Professional Service for Networking Products (LAN or WAN). Diagnostic and Repair of Hardware and Software Bugs.
  • Professional installation of PCs, Printers , POS, Storage, Document Processors, etc. Hardware, Operating Systems, Applications.
  • Professional Installation of Servers, Storage, SAN, NAS, etc. Hardware, Operating Systems, Applications.
  • Installation and/or configuration of Network devices (LAN or WAN), of any range.
  • Preventive Maintenance of individual products: PCs, Printers, POS, storage, document processors, etc.
  • Preventive Maintenance of Servers and Workstations with multiple components.
  • Preventive Maintenance of Network Devices (LAN or WAN), of any range.
  • Software or Firmware Upgrade for any device.
  • Inventory assessment.

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Call Center:

We define this service as the complete management, from ticket opening, monitoring, updates and ticket closing of all services requested by your company. 

Our Call Center allows you to have a single point of contact that takes charge of the entire process for managing your requests, at the same time providing you with access to our web-service management console, so that you can consult the status of your services in real time and simultaneously. This enables you to integrate our entire solutions portfolio (Field Engineering, Helpdesk, Project Management and Logistics), no matter the size or reach of your needs or projects.

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This is a set of customizable services that, through one or several means of contact, allow for the comprehensive management and resolution of possible incidents, and attention to IT-related requirements.

Our Helpdesk service is based on the integration of technical and human resources, which allows us to provide immediate support to users at different levels in a company or organization. Users can telephonically resolve their operational and functional problems with our specialized technicians, who, supported by a cutting-edge computer system, are able to, if necessary, send their technicians for on-site resolution.

It is also possible to incorporate other support areas based on client-specific needs, redirecting those support requests that by their nature depend on other services, to the corresponding departments. (Level 1 y 2)

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Our logistics service strategically supports the movement, storage and monitoring of equipment or devices, as well as the entire associated information flow, allowing us to complement and optimize on-site support services, maintaining levels of response and restore that are as high as needed, whenever a part is required 

Our infrastructure includes depots distributed strategically nationwide, managed from a single system and single point of contact, and operated by our field engineers.

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Project Management:

We offer Project Management services, applying cutting-edge concepts and tools, thus optimizing the performance of your projects, increasing quality and maximizing benefits through the reduction of delays, cost overruns and other risks.

We feel that success is based on the perfect combination of technical knowledge and the application of crucial concepts such as: planning and control, leadership, communication and negotiation, and others. For this reason, we offer our knowledge in Project Management methodologies to complement your company’s technical profile with our services, thus obtaining better results.

We mainly use methods designed by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is a prestigious international institution, which bases its Methodologies on the best project management practices used in hundreds of cases around the world… Based on our clients’ requirements, we design the best means of providing our services…

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